Malcolm Anthony Williams is the Founder and Fashion Designer of Willie Gee’s. Hailing from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Williams founded the company in September 2006.  As a company, his plans are to take each collection to the next global level and beyond.  Willie Gee’s Designer Collection is an exquisite collection designed to outfit everyone’s style from everyday fashion to gowns and suits for Red Carpet events. Using the past to recreate the future in fashion has allowed Willie Gee’s to become the fashion house it is today. When designing my garments, I like to imagine this fantasy world; a world where everyone is beautifully dressed, and with absolute style and taste. In this world, my friends and I are living busy, yet amazing lives. We’re attending business meetings and dinners to continue our prosperity.  We’re flying on jets around the world to be welcomed to red carpet premieres and galas.  But most of all in this world, we are living our lives looking and being fabulous.

My motivations to sew are my parents and grandparents. It was my grandparents whom introduced sewing to me.  Growing up my mother and my father were constantly working, so my grandparents helped raise me.  I’ve learned from my parents that diligence and focus will pay off. And from my grandparents, I’ve learned sometimes sacrifice is needed in order for the family to thrive. They made me understand why my parents were working so hard and why they’ve sacrificed time out of their lives to help raise me.  Their influences and characters have made me become the man I am today.
Fashion is my life.  It is the air I breathe.  It is the runaway that I walk on with every step that I take. It's my work of art, which comes to life the moment it is dressed upon a person. I am a Fashionist.  Cut me open and you’ll find veins of thread and muscles of fabric. I was born to sew.  It is why I strive to become bigger and better every year. The real challenge is to not hinder myself, nor let the world’s criticism affect my visions.  I am a self taught designer and I will continue to teach myself every technique of sewing that I can.  Because with every designed being drawn and sewn, I am living my life fabulously.In September 2008, Williams had the opportunity to debut his line Willie Gee’s in Charlotte North Carolina Fashion Week. At the event, he was announced and presented with a check for becoming Charlotte’s best new up-and-coming designer. With success in Charlotte, Williams decided to take his fashion back to his hometown to have his very own fashion show.  Williams introduced his vintage designs for the first time in Pittsburgh at the Omni William Penn Hotel in May of 2009. Using the Lower Ballroom with a seating arrangement of 230 people, a total of 150 guests attended Willie Gee’s first fashion show.

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While taking a break in 2010 to focus on perfecting his art, Williams returned in April 2011 for his 2nd Annual Fashion Show “Fashion Beyond the Stars”. Still using the Lower Ballroom at the Omni William Penn Hotel, this event had an arrange seating of 500 with 100 guests in VIP and 400 guests in regular seating.  The show was a huge success with sold out seating plus over 50 people standing.  To his advantage, his 3rd Annual event “Fashion Over War” was also successful in April of 2012. Because of the success from both shows, Williams was able to donate partial proceeds earned to the Wounded Warrior Project in both years.

With the great achievement from his three past shows, this year Williams is aiming even higher having his 4th Annual Fashion Show “Redline”, at Pittsburgh’s Grand Hall in April of 2013.  This event will benefit the PATF, Pittsburgh’s Aids Task Force.  His goal is to raise donations of thousand of dollars .  Having sold out events since 2011, Williams is determined to continue selling out fashion shows showcasing his talent to help raise donations to various charities.  Although Williams organizes his own fashion shows, he has attended other fashion shows to promote his line Willie Gee’s.  He recently returned from New York presenting in New York City Fashion Week, February 2013 for the Winter and Fall Collection.  The event was held at Helen Mills.  Because of his amazing garments, Williams will now be featured in April’s Issue of Vogue magazine.

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